Woodkid - I Love You

after 4 years still gives goosebumps

Balenciaga Resort 2018

these two first look are my favorite from the collection. 
love the flashy color accents and draping 

this public space interior is great!

haven't though now iconic to Balenciaga car mat could look so modern as a skirt

this is unexpectedly very wearable


Zak Abel - Unstable

You're up, I'm just getting in
So rough, God knows where I've been
Your eyes are staring at my sins
There's no time to speak our minds

All of our frustrations on hold
'Cause you don't know the life that I know
Standing straight but I'm off the wall
You need love but I'm in my zone

I know, I know, I know, I know you deserve better
Someone that give you all the things that I could never
I'd love to be the one that stays with you forever
I don't wanna let you go
I just think that you should know
I'm unstable

I'm up and you're just getting in
So tough, two wrongs never win
Your hands are pressed against my skin
There's no time to speak our minds

Even when we're both got nothing on
Life's so fine, still wait to come between us
Never tell me that you're close to done
I hate to be your one and only witness/weakness

and if you want some moves:


Royce Wood Junior - Rover

Is it rover with the way you love like
It is glad to say you chose me
Is it safe that you wheel around mine
Over there is where you drove it
Is it over when we move at night
Is it nicer wake up lonely
Every chance he is between us
And heaven knows how much you love me