Model On The Spot: Saskia Se Brauw

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Love that baby voice

Paloma Faith

I have to admit that I know a little about this famous singer...
But it's never too late, isn't it?
Stunning voice, nice surroundings, classic clothes and hairstyles of real English lady.

Cannes Lions 2002

Hi! Check some nice old commercials to make you mood ;]
Lovely commerial of Coca-Cola. This company really knows how to get into your deepest feelings
Nike commercial. Makes you want to do some sport, which many people did a lot in their childhood.


Art Vilnius ' 12

Photos from a new visited contemporary art exhibition Art Vilnius'12

Lithuanian currency - litas
 Google !!

 Person-size painting

Jean Pierre Muller (Belgium)
 Paul Smulders

 Laura Grybkauskaitė ( Lithuania)
 Rūta Speiskytė ( Lithuania)

In your face communistic China

 Golden balloon tractor

 Romualdas Rakauskas (Lithuania)
 Antanas Sutkus (Lithuania) -
one of my favourite photographer

 Picture made from paint spots

 Frederic-Xavier Liwer

 View to future