One Day in Nida

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My dear,

This is what I see and thing while being in my favourite place in Lithuania - resort named Nida.

 Bell of the church is ringing, but god is unnecessary here...

'Sir, why you named your boat like this?'
 People come here to survive from their daily routine in cities...
 Straight to asylum of water...
Where the wind brings
 You mustn'n be alone...
Founding jacht with my name...
 I got a message from real life: 'Are u coming?'
There is no boundary between water and air here...
From the pier
 Seagulls are sitting.
Boy cycles close...
They fly away,
They don't come back -
You lost their confidence.
 Ravens voice - a call of the city

 The mooring
Between two waters

 Vytautas Kernagis
Traditions are alive

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