Pudding with Butter and Sugar Sauce

90+60g butter
1 glass of brown sugar
1,5 glass of flour mixed with baking powder
spices(such as cloves, muscat, cardamon, cinnamon)
3/4 glass of milk
1/2 glass of sugar
1/4 glass of water

Apply baking cups with oil or butter.
Mix 90g of butter and brown sugar. Add milk, flour and spices.
Put mixture in the baking cups.
Mix water 60g of butter and the rest sugar and heat in till butter and sugar is melted.
Reduce the heat and cook (keep steering) till the mixture is homogeneous and light brown color.
Cool off the mixture a little bit.
Pour in all baking cups equally.
Cook for about 35minutes in 180 degrees of Celsius. 

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