National Geographic Photo Contest 2013

Crows Nest: The crows that live in Tokyo use clothes hangers to make nests. In such a large city, there are few trees, so the natural materials that crows need to make their nests are scarce. As a result, the crows occasionally take hangers from the people who live in apartments nearby, and carefully assemble them into nests. The completed nests almost look like works of art based on the theme of recycling. (© Yosuke Kashiwakura/National Geographic Photo Contest)

Orta Lake Storm Chasing: I have spent the entire summer chasing thunderstorms all around Italy. I usually stand in front of the camera, to modify the parameters according to lighting's distance and intensity. This time I was in a very dangerous situation, I was completely surrounded by lightning strikes, so I chose to leave the camera on the tripod shooting in automatic mode. I spent about 15 minutes on the ground, as far as I could from any conducting material, and I protected my eyes and my ears hoping for the best. When I finally looked to the pictures I was very impressed by the size and intensity of the storm. (© Riccardo Criseo/National Geographic Photo Contest)

Omohara: "Omohara" is not only a geographical crossing of Omotesando and Harajuku,but also variety of styles and culture are come and go. Omotesando is town of adult where high brand's buildings put together the eaves. On the other hand, Harajuku is town of young where born the new culture. Omohara is a place that new culture and old culture are fusion. And leading the art and culture of Japan always. (© Teruo Araya/National Geographic Photo Contest)

Bright Canopy: While studying in Florence, Italy, I went on a trip throughout Europe. The first stop was in Berlin, Germany, where we rented bikes and rode throughout the city. While visiting the Jewish Museum I stood under a group of trees and noticed the great interaction of hand-like branches with the light coming through the canopy of leaves. (© Kevin Connolly/National Geographic Photo Contest)

Amazing Midwinter Sunset (4:30pm): November 6th, 2013 - at approximately 4:15 pm we were all watching this amazing batman-like beam coming over the dyke on the upstream side of the Yukon River which was just beginning to freeze. I grabbed a camera, made my way over towards the river and discovered this amazing scene. As we are heading towards the shortest day of the year, the sun usually disappears between 4:30-4:45 pm. (© Andrea Magee/National Geographic Photo Contest)

Cows And Kites: I was driving along the beach highway when I noticed the bulls sunbathing on the empty beach. I initially thought i was seeing things,but no it really was sunbathing cows! I had to park my car a fair distance away and that meant a long walk along the beach in 35 degree heat. When I got closer to them I was careful not to spook them, so I crawled on my stomach on the hot sand to get a good picture. Mission Accomplished! Location: Tarifa Beach, Andalucia, Spain. (© Andrew Lever/National Geographic Photo Contest)

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