The Foundations Of New Balenciaga in Pop magazine

model: katlin aas
photographer: thomas lohr
stylist: vanessa traina
hair: tamara mcnaughton
make-up: benjamin puckey

relaxed casual style symposium in Elle (Italia)

love this kind of styling
reminds me of my personal 'relationship' with fashion
main rules of this game are: 
don't think to much,
movement and comfort is the most important,
mix and match anything you find in your wardrobe and you will be surprised what you can achieve

model: anais pouliot
photographer: dan martensen
stylist: eva geraldine fontanelli
make-up: dawn broussard

70s revival in Vogue (US)

'Positively 4th Street'

model: caroline trentini
photographer: inez and vinoodh
stylist: grace coddington
hair: didier malige
make-up: aaron de mey
manicure: gina viviano

yes, thank you Vogue and Madame Grace Coddington for bringing back my beloved 70s to the fashion focus 

today's sad story

5-hours class in uni was canceled - HOORAY!
don't have company and other plans to do something interesting - fail.


Charlie Chaplin final speech in The Great Dictator (1940)

I was listening to one of many my favourite songs of these days when I noticed some kind of speech was mixed with it... So I googled and found this amazing totally overblowing-mind and one of the most inspiring speech from a movie I was planning to watch long time ago. 
Just listen

And now push the repeat button and listen again. This time more carefully.
And when you finished it's time for you to take some actions
Wish You All a very good luck in our bright future! 
Lots of love 
☮ ✌

the freedom of movement

lietuviskai skamba geriau
judejimo laisve
 1937 NYC

Beirut - Elephant Gun


Naturbarn in Elle (Sweden)

model: stina olsson
photographer: eric josjo
stylist: lisa lindqwister
hair: ignacio alonso
make-up: erika svedjevik


god is in the details

not sure if Ludwig Mies van der Rohe was really the first one to say this but it's most probably true


by People of New York

 this red dress on the right is AmaZing