Valentino Pre-Fall 2015 review

i have to admit, Valentino is not my fav fashion house but this season they unexpectedly surprised in a very good way
so let the party begin!

so cozy, so 70s - love all the way

nice example of the new tip of fashion - nowadays modern style kind of

I want this sweater!! now! please :}

posh chick

so cozy <3 wrap me please

sleeveless sweater adds modernity and casualty twist to the oh-so classic look

everything matches so nicely, except the bag :/

look carefully - it's the new IT coat of the season
you have my word folks!

do you want to add some fringe for your coffee?

does Valentino was inspired by the Man Repeller?
Man Repeller will be inspired by Valentino?

no compromise.
I want it all or nothing

perfect length shorts.
watch and learn

oh, babe

statement jacket alert

that colour combo is like a luxurious villa near tropical ocean with a view to forest full of moss 
oh, man I imagination is wild

 good girl gone bad :(
but wait! 
bad girl gone well is also an option :)

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