Oscars 2016 red carpet

 Charlotte Riley and Tom Hardy
 Margot Robbie
Lady Gaga
Jennifer Lawrence

Rooney Mara

Takano Mahiro - the karate girl

ever wondered who was the girl from Sia video clip for song Alive?
Let me present this talented Japanese 9 years old karate master - Takano Mahiro

she also features in a  clothing line commercial and Olympic Games Japan 2020 campaign with another kick-ass karate woman master - Rika Usami


Into The Wood in Vogue USA

it's a total spellbinding fairytale - Alice Spirited Away in Wonderland

model: raquel zimmermann (dna)
stylist: tabitha simmons
hair: marc lopez (artlist)
make-up: hannah murray (artandcommerce)


Addicted to Love in Vogue USA

model: anna ewers (women)
photographer: karim sadli (artandcommerce)
stylist: grace coddington
hair: damien boissinot (jedroot)
make-up: hannah murray (artandcommerce)

Desert Calm in Vogue USA

model: imaan hammam (dna)
photographer: patrick demarchelier (artandcommerce)
stylist: phyllis posnick
hair: julien d'ys
make-up: sam bryant (dandv)

Dream State in Vogue USA

even if I don't like Kendall Jenner, even if I don't think she looks good with blond hair, even if the visualisation of this photoshoot is not the best, even if I don't get the smartphone or selfie'ing documenting trend in editorials or runway - I do like Grace Coddington and her magic to tell an epic Alice in Wonderland inspired fashion editorial story again only through clothes

photographer: mert & marcus (artpartner)
stylist: grace coddington
hair: shay ashual (artpartner)
make-up: lisa eldridge

flights of fancy in Vogue USA

Alexander McQueen inspiration birds seems to inspire a couple of people in the fashion world

photographer: willy vanderperre (artandcommerce)
stylist: tabitha simmons
hair: duffy (streeters)
make-up: lynsey alexander (streeters)

Wild World with Hozier in Vogue USA

can we call this a new era in fashion editorials? celebrity endorsement mixed with story telling and fashion of course ;)

model: caroline trentini and hozier (society)
stylist: grace coddington and michael philouze (streeters)
hair: shay ashual (timhoward)
make-up: mark carrasquillo (artpartner)